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Weekly jazz sessions for adult musicians in Northern Virginia

Play and Learn Jazz in a Relaxed Group Setting

Since 2007, The Jazz Workshop has offered DC-area musicians a convenient way to develop their jazz skills in a friendly group environment. Our program is structured to help players overcome the most common barriers standing in the way of their development.

“I’ve hit a plateau in my development as an individual jazz player” 

In a genre as dynamic and improvisational as jazz, you may be feeling like private study and individualized practice can only take you so far. 

“I want to play jazz in a group, but I struggle to find like-minded musicians”

Linking up with fellow musicians can be a challenge, especially for those of us with demanding jobs, hectic home lives, or other commitments. 

“I love playing with other musicians, but organizing a group can be a pain”

Finding a group to play with is hard. Keeping one together is even harder. From locating a rehearsal space to coordinating schedules, sometimes managing a group feels like more trouble than it’s worth. 

Does this sound like you? 

The Jazz Workshop tends to be a great option for participants who…

  • Are working professionals looking to slot playing music into a busy schedule

  • Are interested in playing jazz and deepening their knowledge of the genre 

  • Have reached at least a basic level of proficiency on their instrument 


What sets us apart

We understand there are many ways to learn to play jazz. You could easily read a book, watch YouTube videos, or hire a private instructor. Here’s what makes The Jazz Workshop unique.  

Learn jazz through group performance

Each session is 100% dedicated to playing music together as a group. We don’t use session time to practice exercises or repeat scales. While these things are important, we believe that the most effective (and fun!) way to develop as a jazz musician is to do so in the full context of how the music is meant to be played—with a full band.

We handle the organizational headaches

Rest assured that you’ll play with the same people, in the same place, at the same time each week. We handle all the logistics, so you just need to show up ready to play. We even provide a full backline including amps, piano, and drum set. 

Build the skillset of a working jazz musician

Our goal is to arm you with the skills needed to be comfortable in any jam or gig situation. We’ll familiarize you with the standard tunes, develop your sense of rhythm, and strengthen your improvisational chops. Several students have “graduated” from our program, going on to form their own groups and playing gigs across the DC area.

Join a community of jazz lovers

The Jazz Workshop is much more than a rehearsal space or instructional program. It’s a vibrant community of passionate jazz enthusiasts. It’s a great place to meet new people, make new friends, and bond over a shared love of the music. 

How it works


Request to join

All instruments are welcome, and we have sessions for all levels - from jazz beginners to relatively advanced players. We do our best to find a place for everyone.


Meet your group

We’ll place you in an appropriate group based on your availability and skill level. Each group consists of 5-6 musicians and is well balanced to include a good mix of instruments.


Start playing jazz

Your group will meet for two hours each week. During each session, we’ll help facilitate things, aid in song selection, and coach the group as needed.  


What our students are saying

"Paul is an excellent jazz combo coach. He gives constructive comments in a congenial way, and he teaches jazz using both a performance and a theoretical approach. Paul’s goal is truly to make every student of his become the best jazz musician that he/she can become"

– Joseph M. Kanyan, D.M.A., Associate Professor Emeritus of Music, George Mason University

"The Jazz Workshop is definitely the way to go if you want to take your playing to the next level! It gives you the chance to learn and improve your playing of jazz standards and exposes you to a great variety of players of different styles. This is the type of experience only professional musicians have, provided to us "commoners" by an outstanding musician."

– Pablo Gutman, Guitarist

“Paul's workshop is like no other I have been to in the area... Through the workshop I have gotten re-acquainted and, in many cases, acquainted with chord structure, theory, the 'Real Book' and improvisation. I liken Paul's workshop to a much less expensive but equally fun and rewarding version of jazz ‘band camps for adults' that have become popular for us 'weekend warrior' types. Paul's teaching style is best described as incredibly insightful, not overloaded with theory, and best of all, encouraging!"

– Alan Pachter, Bassist 


Get started for free. Your first session is offered at zero cost with no obligation to continue. Afterwards, tuition is $70 per week, paid monthly. 


The Jazz Workshop is conveniently located at 8455-A Tyco Road, Vienna VA 22182. This location provides easy access to the Metro’s silver line, I-495, and Rt. 267. 

Ready to start?

1. Submit an inquiry

Submit an inquiry via the contact form. We'll reply within 24 hours to schedule a no-pressure conversation to discuss your musical background and goals. 

2. We'll find you a spot

Based on our conversation, we’ll place you in an ideal group that’s well matched to your skill level and availability. 

3. Try it for free

Attend a free trial session to see if The Jazz Workshop is right for you. If you wish to move forward, we can lock you in with your group so you can start attending each week! 

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.

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